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0.1mm-8.0mm Aluminium 5005 Sheet 1060 1100 3003 5052 6061 6063

Embossed aluminum 5005
Embossed aluminum 5005

Aluminum 5005 sheet  is a lean aluminum magnesium alloy with low density and excellent thermal conductivity. This medium strength non-heat-treatable alloy is known for its corrosion resistance in alkaline marine situations.

Aluminum 5005 is readily machinable, and can be welded using TIG and MIG methods. It is important to note that anodizing is a critical part to how Aluminum 5005 is used.

Due to its many benefits, Aluminum 5005 sheet is in use in a wide variety of applications and industries including:

· Roofing & siding materials

· Chemical & food equipment

· Storage tanks

· Home appliances

· Sheet-metal work

· Electric conductors

· High Strength foil

· HVAC equipment

· Furniture

Continental Steel stocks and sells Aluminum 5005 in many different shapes and sizes such as plate, tube, wire, rods, and sheet. All of the Aluminum 5005 available from Continental Steel meets many of the leading industry specifications like ASTM, MIL, DIN, QQ, SAE, and UNS.

To learn if Aluminum 5005 will work for your next project or job, please speak with a Continental Steel expert today.

Our equipment and aluminum products

The main scope of our company is aluminum sheet processing, coil & foil processing, and our products are aluminum sheet, aluminum coil and thick foil coil. The main equipments are as following: 12 successive Casting & Rolling processing lines (including 6 successive Casting & Rolling processing lines with super width whose diameter, rolling strength is the largest the width is 2100mm, diameter is 1200mm), 3 cold rolling processing lines with modern control level, 2 bends straightening, cleaning machines, 6 cross flying shears (one is modern hydraulic shears for thick sheet designed by the company with our own independent intellectual property).

Alloy aluminum 5005 sheet  in all alloys in heat treatable alloys mill finish. 5005 aluminum sheet in non heat treatable alloys, mill finish, one side bright mill finish, standard one size bright finish, and standard two sides bright finish.

Alloy 5005 aluminum alloy plate referenced standard and documents

B548, B557,B594, B632/B 632M, B660, B666/B 666M, B881, B918, B928/B928M , E29, E34, E55, E290, E527, E607, E716, E1004, E1251, G34, G47, H35, AMS2772

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