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1000 series 5000 series polishing aluminum sheets

Pure aluminum sheet 1050

Aluminum sheets suitable for polishing

1. Pure polishing aluminum sheets

The common codes of pure aluminum sheet series are 1050, 1070 and 1085. Among all the aluminum sheet series, the pure aluminum sheet series contains the most aluminum, with the purity above 99.00%. As the pure aluminum sheet contains no other elements, it requires a relatively simple production process, and with a comparatively cheap price, it is the most commonly used series in the current conventional industries.

2. Alloy polishing aluminum sheets

Alloy aluminum1000 series 5000 series polishing aluminum sheet , represented by the aluminum sheet 5005 and 5657 series, are commonly used alloy aluminum series. The alloy aluminum series, mainly containing magnesium, has a content of magnesium ranging from 3-5%, and thus it can also be called aluminum-magnesium alloy. The series features low density, high tensile strength and great elongation. With the same area, the aluminum-magnesium alloy weighs less than other series. Therefore, they are commonly used in aviation, such as the oil tank of airplanes. They are also widely used in normal industries. The processing technique is continuous casting and rolling. As they belong to the hot-rolled aluminum sheet series, deep oxidization processing can be performed. In China aluminum sheet 5××× series are among the mature series, and can be well Bright.

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