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10mm thickness aluminum plate naval 5052


5005 has only a very small addition of magnesium so is the least strength of these series of alloys. The alloy is hardenable to a significant degree by cold working, enabling a series of “H” tempers but again these do not achieve the high strengths of corresponding tempers in other alloys such as 10mm thickness aluminum plate  5052 or 5083.

The alloy is also produced as stranded conductor, drawn seamless tube, wire and bar, available on indent from Glory Aluminum . Corrosion Resistance Excellent in a wide range of atmospheric environments, in architectural applications. The magnesium content is low enough that it does not suffer from the stress corrosion cracking that can affect alloys with more than about 3½% Mg, such as 5083.

Glory’s 10mm thickness aluminum plate  5052 and 6061 aluminum alloys offer a remarkable spectrum of design opportunities to benefit consumer electronics manufacturers. The light weight materials enable you to trim precious ounces, coupled with high strength to make smaller, thinner components attainable. But while they score high marks for function, these alloys also take on an outstanding variety of looks and feels — a multitude of alternatives for creating and updating handheld devices and technologies for the home. Application Material strength, attractive finish and anodizing are all priorities for aluminum in electronics.

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