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1100 Aluminum Sheet for Roofing, Construction

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A commercially pure aluminum, 1100 aluminum sheet contains no more than one percent of other chemical elements. It is your standard aluminum alloy containing a minimum of 99.0% aluminum. It is formable, weldable, and its ability to take a form is excellent. Typical markets include chemical equipment, reflectors, heat exchangers, architectural applications, and many more. The 1145 and 1235 alloys can be used as substitutes except when comparing burst values when strength is critical.

1100 aluminum sheet contains a minimum of 99.00% aluminum and is referred to as the “standard” commercially pure aluminum alloy. This grade has the lowest strength of all aluminum alloys and is not used for high strength or high-pressure applications and cannot be hardened by heat treatment. It has excellent electrical conductivity, good formability, and high resistance to corrosion. Alloy 1100 has low density and excellent thermal conductivity common to all aluminum alloys.

Typical applications include general sheet metal work, architectural applications, heat exchangers, food and chemical handling equipment, and fasteners.

1100 aluminum sheet will not age, but can oxidize when left in an extremely damp environment and/or when Exposed to extreme temperatures in both hot and cold environments.

Annealing, which may be necessary after cold working. The material is heated to 650째F and then air cooled.

1100 aluminum sheet is a excellent alloy for cold working because of the good malleability in the annealed temper. It can easily be bent, drawn, or spun into a variety of applications.

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