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3003 5083 8011 Anodized Aluminum Sheet and Application


Anodized process of aluminum sheets

1. General principle of aluminum sheet anodization generating aluminum oxide film

Anodized aluminum sheet refers to the process of generating aluminum oxide film on the surface of an aluminum sheet through electrolysis when the aluminum sheet is put in the electrolyte as the anode. In the anodization device, a material with high chemical stability in the electrolyte, such as lead, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., serves as the cathode. The basic principle of aluminum anodization is the electrolysis of water. When the current circulates, hydrogen is released from the cathode, while on the anode are not only oxygen molecules, but also oxygen atoms (O) and oxygen ions deposited (those are often expressed as oxygen molecules in the reaction). The aluminum of the anode is then oxidized by the oxygen deposited on it, forming a water-free aluminum oxide film; meanwhile, not all the oxygen generated reacts with the aluminum, and some is released as gas.

2. Selection of electrolyte for anodization of aluminum sheets

The prerequisite of forming the oxide film on the anode is that the oxide film is soluble in the electrolyte. However, this does not mean that all anodization in an electrolyte with solubility may generate oxide films or oxide films with similar properties.

Anodized aluminium sheet application

1.Anodized aluminium sheet can apply to Lighting,solar reflective film,building

appearance, Radiator ,Condenser, Insulation Material.

2.Anodized aluminium sheet as interior decorating:Ceilings,walls, furniture,cabinets,elevators, signs,


3.Anodized aluminium sheet is used in Photo Frame;household appliances:refrigerators,microwave

ovens,audio equipment,etc.

4.Anodized aluminium sheet is used in aerospace and military aspects, such as China’s large

aircraft manufacturing,the

Shenzhou spacecraft series,satellite.

5.Anodized aluminium sheet is used in the mechanical parts processing,mold making,chemical/

thermal insulation pipes coated.

6.Anodized aluminium sheet is widely used for metal aluminium ceiling,curtain wall plate,aluminium

plastic panel,fire-proof plate,aluminium honeycomb board,aluminium single board,electrical panel,

cabinet panel,furniture panel.

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