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4343 aluminum uses

4343 aluminum plate

 4343/3003/4343 aluminum uses clad ingots had been prepared by liquid-solid casting. The microstructure, elements distribution and interface bonding strength of the clad ingots have been investigated. The interface bonding mechanism with the clad ingots was analyzed. The outcomes prove that in case the pouring temperature of 4343 aluminum alloy is 725-750℃, the metallurgical bonding of clad ingots is very good, based on clear and flat interface. The metallurgical bonding interface of clad ingots consists of Al-Si solid answer layer and diffusion layer of Si and Mn.

The thickness of  4343 aluminum uses  Al-Si solid solution layer is uniform. The diffusion distances of Mn and Si are 10μm and 32μm, respectively.The bonding strength of clad ingots is greater than the ultimate tensile strength of 3003 aluminum alloy.

The interface bonding mechanism of liquid-solid 4343/3003/4343 aluminum uses  clad ingot is as follows:firstly, the 4343 aluminum alloy melt is swiftly solidified around the the top of 3003 aluminum alloy ingot to form the Al-Si solid option layer, then the Si inside the Al-Si solid option layer as well as the Mn inside the 3003 aluminum alloy interdiffused to type the clad ingot with very good metallurgical bonding interface.

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