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5083 aluminum alloy for marine parts in stock sizes

5083 aluminum coil

5083 Aluminum Alloy – Supplied in sheet marine grade tempers H116, H321, H323; to spec ASTM B928. Tempers O, H112, H32; to spec ASTM B209, and extrusion shapes in various tempers and specifications. 5083 Aluminum Alloy is an excellent marine environment corrosion resistant alloy, commonly used in Europe and Asia but becoming more frequently used in North America. It is primarily an alloy used for its corrosion resistant properties as it is especially good on inter granular corrosion resistance. Also, the tensile and yield strength is higher than 5086 alloy, so often these properties too are used by designers for their aluminum vessels. This alloy also has good welding capabilities for fabricating vessels. 5083 Aluminum Alloy is also in inventory as H32 temper which is a good standard engineering alloy, but it does not have the corrosion resistance of the other special .

5083 Aluminum Alloy is a non-heat-traeatable 4½% magnesium, 0.15% chromium, 0.7% manganese alloy commonly available in flat rolled plate from a range of producing mills. Like all the 5000 series high magnesium alloys 5083 achieves a high strength by cold working, enabling a series of “H” tempers; 5083 is the highest strength of any of these alloys. Alloy 5083 is best known as a plate for ship building.

Applications of Aluminium Alloy AA 5083

Because of its strength and corrosion resistant properties  5083 aluminum alloy is widely used in the Ship Building industry. It is also ideally used in the following industries as well : Marine applications, Pressure vessels, Drilling Rigs, Transportation equipments, TV/Communication Towers to name a few.

Commonly stocked sizes

We stock standard sheet sizes of Marine Grade Aluminium Sheet of European Origin with thickness ranging from 2mm to 50mm. All our sheets are as per EN 10204-3.1 certification with stencil marks carrying Alloy/Temper/Mill Name/Heat Number/Coil-Batch information matching with the MTC

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