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6061/6063 T5 Aluminum Pipe/Tubes for You


6061/6063 T5 Aluminum Pipe/Tubes Application areas:

Industrial & Consumer

Electrical bus conductors

Electrical and electronic connectors

Compressed gas storage

Mining and irrigation pipe

Residential and Commercial Building & Construction

Our project management and sales support includes complete fabricating

services, advanced painting and anodizing capabilities, order coordination,

and more.

Light and flag poles

Electrical conduit


6061/6063 T5 Aluminum Pipe/Tubes Application areas:

Commercial & Mass Transportation, Automotive, Marine

extensive experience allows us to offer a full range of extrusion

profiles, fabrication and assembly services for:

Truck trailers and equipment

Handrails, ladders and framing structures

Alternative fuel storage systems

Solar & Renewable Energy

manufacturing capabilities have earned them a strong position in the

renewable energy market. Aluminum’s lightweight and corrosion resistant

properties along with it’s hi thermal and electric conductivity makes it an

ideal material for use in renewable energy applications.

Alloy designations:

The aluminum industry has created a system using a four-digit numerical designation to identify wrought aluminum alloys. The first digit indicates the major alloying element. The second digit indicates whether there was a modification in the basic alloy. The third and fourth digit indicates the specific alloy. The following represent the various groups:


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