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6063 7075 anodized aluminum tube

Jianhui’s aluminum tube 6063 7075 anodized aluminum tube products are used throughout North America for applications that include air conditioners, gas appliances, medical devices, and garage doors. Alloys available are A93003 and A91435. Our tube is drawn to final dimensions from a base tube and meets ASTM B483. Aluminum tube is available in a variety of customer-specified tempers.
There are different kinds of aluminum tubing 6063 7075 anodized aluminum tube, with the most common and least expensive being extruded aluminum tube. Extruded aluminum tube is manufactured using the porthole method to produce a seamless, strong tube. Aluminum tubes with walls too thin to be extruded are manufactured by rolling and welding narrow aluminum strip. Welded aluminum tube is fairly inexpensive and is used for light support products such as lawn furniture, toys and drains.
6063 7075 anodized aluminum tube
• O.D. range: 0.062” – 0.625”
• Wall thickness range: 0.010” – 0.050”
• Other specialty OD/Wall sizes available upon request.
• Available in bunch coils, 50’ Versatube coils, pancake coils, straight lengths.
The main difference between aluminum pipe and aluminum tube is the way it’s measured, and the type of application it’s used for. A pipe 6063 7075 anodized aluminum tube is usually measured using the inside diameter measurement, whereas a tube is measured using the outside diameter measurement.

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