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air conditioner material 5052 h34 aluminum sheet

Material 5052 h34 aluminum sheet service performance requirements are different, see Figure 5. Tension and compression, fatigue, reduce costs, improve comfort, low density of materials has also been the direction of concern.

As the size of  5052 h34 aluminum sheet  the aircraft increases, the size of the structural parts increases accordingly, while the assembly components continue to decrease, replaced by the overall component. The structural components of 5052 h34 aluminum sheet  the aircraft are moving towards lighter, larger, higher performance, more reliable, long life and low cost. Therefore, the requirements for material properties and their uniformity and dimensional accuracy are becoming higher and higher。

The 5052 h34 aluminum sheet  Fracture toughness and so on for the fuselage skin, frames, beams, wings and tail are key performance. For some other structures, corrosion resistance, modulus and shear strength are also key properties. At present, commercial aircraft toward a greater (such as Airbus A380 carrying more than 500), faster (supersonic), longer life direction, the fierce competition in the market so that aircraft manufacturers have to aircraft structural parts design and materials Performance to make higher demands

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