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  • aluminium - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Aluminium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Aluminium has about one-third the density and stiffness of steel. It is easily machined, cast, drawn and extruded. Aluminium atoms are arranged in a face-centered ...

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  • what is the density of aluminum - answers.com

    What is the density of aluminum - Answers.com

    What is the density of aluminum in grams per cubic centimeter? 2.7 25 people found this useful Edit. Share to: Ebolton. 402 Contributions.

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  • it's elemental - the element aluminum

    It's Elemental - The Element Aluminum

    The Element Aluminum - Basic Physical and Historical Information ... Density: 2.70 grams per cubic centimeter. Phase at Room Temperature: Solid. Element ...

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  • densities of solids - engineering toolbox

    Densities of Solids - Engineering ToolBox

    Densities of Solids Solids - densities or weights ... * Note that even if pounds per cubic foot is often used as a measure of density in the U.S., ...

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  • density of metals - magnet man

    Density of metals - Magnet Man

    Please note that g/cm3 can also be written as gcm-3 When lb (pounds) is used in this table, this is actually pounds mass, equivalent to approximately 0.454 kg.

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  • the properties of aluminium - aluminium design

    The properties of aluminium - Aluminium Design

    The properties of aluminium include corrosion resistance, durability, low weight and high strength. Aluminium is easy to recycle and has a low density, a third that ...

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  • chemical elements.com - aluminum (al)

    Chemical Elements.com - Aluminum (Al)

    Density @ 293 K: 2.702 g/cm 3 Color: Silver British Spelling: Aluminium IUPAC Spelling: Aluminium Atomic Structure : ... Aluminum; From the University of Wisconsin ...

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  • aluminum density in 285 measurement units -...

    Aluminum density in 285 measurement units -...

    Aluminum weigh(s) 2.699 gram per (cubic centimeter) or 1.56 ounce per (cubic inch). See this and other substances density in 285 measurement units

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  • aluminum alloy density | products & suppliers -...

    Aluminum Alloy Density | Products & Suppliers -...

    Find Aluminum Alloy Density related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Aluminum Alloy Density information.

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  • what is the density of aluminium - answers.com

    What is the density of aluminium - answers.com

    Density of aluminum is 2.7 and its melting point is 660 degrees Celsius. Aluminum is a pure element that appears on the Periodic Table.

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