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aluminium alloy 8009 8000 series

aluminum alloy 8009

 aluminium alloy 8009 8000 series aluminum wrought alloys
Starting from the 1960s, there had been the development of new aluminum alloys for conductors of electric current and composite components. Because of these studies, some important qualities of aluminum alloys happen to be discovered. Right after in depth testing electric group of aluminum alloys was open. These alloys were designated as 8000 series. All aluminum wrought alloys not incorporated in other groups are situated in the 8000 series. As alloying components might act Fe, Ni, Li, Sn, Si, Ce, and all components integrated in the aluminum alloys on the other groups.

aluminium alloy 8009 Properties
Technique Al-Fe-Ni: very good strength and electrical conductivity.
System Al-Li: higher strength and stiffness, low enough density (generally about 10% decrease than that of other aluminum alloy).
Method Al-Sn: higher corrosion resistance and strength.
Program Al-Fe-Si: very good formability, ductility and conductivity.
In comparison with the 1000 group alloys used as conductors, 8000 series has far better flexibility and much more uniform chemical composition, provides the connection and safety of operation.
aluminium alloy 8009 Spheres of applications
Within the nuclear power business for applications requiring resistance to aqueous corrosion at elevated temperatures and pressures (8001);
In automobiles and trucks for bearings (8081, 8280);
As protective coatings (8280);
As a conductor (8017, 8030, 8076, 8176);
Aerospace industry (8024, 8090,8091,8093);
Food market, medicine (8011, 8079);
Making heat exchangers (8011).

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