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Aluminium Circles /Disc for Traffic Sign

aluminum circle
aluminum circle

The aluminium circles is used by remelting ingots add the right amount of alloying elements, processed by melting, casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treatment, finishing and other multi-channel production process from the colored light metal materials, non-toxic, tasteless, shiny looking, beautiful light, heat conductive properties, processing performance, corrosion, corrosion resistance and good features.


This aluminium circles is widely used in manufacturing metal household utensils, low corrosion resistant containers, household appliances shell, large curtain wall decoration, advertising signs and other decorative products.

Product Name: aluminium circles

Grades: 1050,1060,3003 etc.

Color: silver, aluminum qualities

Thickness: 0.4-4.5mm can be produced according to the customer’s requirements

Product Diameter: 90-1360mm, can be produced according to the customer’s requirements

Status: O, H12, H14, H16, H18

Usage: can be used for reflector lamps, billboards, signs, bus body, fan blades, using electronic parts, kitchenware, decorations, etc.

Product Features: good elongation and tensile strength

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