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aluminium foil for coffee tea and chocolate drinks uses

Aluminium foil for Drinks and Aluminium Closures

Thanks to its combination of properties, aluminium foil is used in a wide variety of beverage and other liquid packing applications:Beverage cartons
It is not widely appreciated that virtually all liquid food products, such as milk, juices, soups and cream, that require long term unrefrigerated protection are packed in laminates containing a layer of alu foil. A 6 micron Aluminium foil layer renders the lightweight pack totally impervious to light,taint and gases without compromising carton rigidity.Aluminium foil Such ‘long life’ cartons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Packs are evolving all the time with easy-to-open and re-sealable closures as well as easy to hold formats with eye-catching designs.

Modern packaging has allowed sensitive products such as coffee to been joyed in many different ways rather than just freshly ground at the coffeehouse. Choices of method are now many: whether from  a cafetière using ready ground beans, using‘pods’ or capsules in one of the modern machines, or in the cup using single portion sachets of freeze-dried ‘instant’. With every method alu foil plays an important role.

For many years tea was mainly shipped in wooden ‘chests’ or boxes lined with Aluminium foil for protection. Now aluminium foil plays a big part in retail packaging – bringing fresh, aromatic teas to the discerning public.

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