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  • world wide words – aluminium versus aluminum

    World Wide Words – Aluminium versus Aluminum

    The different American spelling of what British English spells 'aluminium' sometimes causes puzzlement as to how it could have come about. This article tells all.

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  • aluminium vs. aluminum - grammarist

    Aluminium vs. aluminum - Grammarist

    Aluminium vs. aluminum. Aluminum is the American and Canadian spelling for the silver-white metallic element ... Aluminium is the preferred spelling outside North ...

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  • aluminum or aluminium? - about.com education

    Aluminum or Aluminium? - About.com Education

    May 03, 2014 · Element 13 is called either aluminum or aluminium. Here is a look at the reason for the two different names.

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  • aluminium - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Aluminium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Aluminium (in Commonwealth English) or aluminum (in American English) is a chemical element in the boron group with symbol Al and atomic number 13.

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  • the grammarphobia blog: “aluminum” vs. “aluminium”

    The Grammarphobia Blog: “Aluminum” vs. “aluminium”

    “Aluminum” vs. “aluminium ... Americans are in the minority on this one, but we’re not entirely alone. Canadians, for example, call the metal “aluminum” too.

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  • aluminum or stainless steel for your restaurant? -...

    Aluminum or stainless steel for your restaurant? -...

    The best recipe in the world won’t taste right cooked in the wrong pot. Consider this expert advice from Staples.com when choosing between aluminum and stainless ...

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  • steel vs aluminum: weight, strength and cost...

    Steel vs Aluminum: Weight, Strength and Cost...

    Steel versus Aluminum - Weight, Strength, Cost, Malleability Comparison. by Adam Hornbacher of Wenzel Metal Spinning. Steel and aluminum are the two most popular ...

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  • vinyl vs. aluminum windows

    Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows

    Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows Comparison Chart Design. Vinyl Window A generally more attractive, less utilitarian overall appearance. Lots of different finishes are ...

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  • stainless steel vs. aluminum: which is better?

    Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum: Which is Better?

    Comparing the differences of stainless steel and aluminum--and which is better for specific foodservice applications.

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  • aluminum vs. copper conductors a serious...

    Aluminum vs. Copper Conductors A Serious...

    Aluminum vs. Copper Conductors . A Serious Alternative? A white paper discussing the pros and cons of aluminum vs. copper conductors in real-world industrial ...

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