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aluminum 1070 (99.7 Al)H24 with factory price

Jianhui Metals Group aluminum plate 1070

Today we will introduce some grade of aluminum 1070. You can make the choice according to the properties and application of each grade.

aluminum 1070 With aluminum of 97 percent or higher purity, these compositions are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low mechanical properties and excellent workability. This material is non-heat treatable.

aluminum 1070 is typically used in applications requiring maximum ductility and moderate strength.Its properties include:

1. commercially pure aluminum

2. non heat-treatable

3. soft and ductile

4. excellent cold workability

5. excellent corrosion resistance

6. easily welded by MIG or TIG processes

7. excellent brazability and solderability

8. well-suited to chemical and electrolytic brightening very good anodizing qualities

has a highly reflective finish

Aluminum 1070: aluminum 1070 alloy is chiefly used in the following areas:General industrial components, Building and construction, Transport, Electrical material, PS plates, Strips for ornaments, Communication cables, Refrigerator and freezer cabinets.

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