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Aluminum Alloy 1145 Comparison with Aluminum 1235


Aluminum coil 1145

With a minimum aluminum content of 99.45%, aluminum alloy 1145 with its sister alloy of 1235, are almost identical in chemical and physical properties. At times, certain production lots can be dual certified to 1145 and 1235 alloys. Like the 1100 alloy, both are considered commercially pure alloys and have excellent formability. The 1145 alloy has even better conductivity than 1100 due to its higher aluminum content. On the other hand, the 1145 alloy is becoming sparse in the market as many have found the 1235 alloy to be more readily available as it responds just as well in most applications.

Standard Specifications: QQA-1876, ASTM B479


This alloy is more difficult to machine than most of the aluminum alloys. It is somewhat easier to machine in the H16, 18 or 19 tempers than in the softer or annealed temper.


Forming characteristics of AL 1145 are very good. All conventional forming methods may be used successfully with this alloy.


Weldability is very good by commercial methods, especially TIG or MIG welding.

Heat Treatment

Aluminum alloy 1145 is a non-heat treatable alloy. It is strengthened (hardened) by cold working.


No data available – consult alloy supplier.

Hot Working

No data available – consult alloy supplier.

Cold Working

This alloy is very easy to cold work in the softer tempers such as annealed, H12, 14, 16 tempers. It may also be cold worked successfully, but with more difficulty, in the harder tempers.


Anneal at 650 F and air cool.


Not applicable to this alloy.


Not applicable.


Hardens by cold working only.

Other Physical Props

Electrical conductivity 55% of copper.

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