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Aluminum Alloy 2017 Plate,Rod Aluminum 2000 series


The aluminum alloy 2017 has an unpolished (mill) surface,and has a standard tolerance. The heat-treatable aluminum alloy 2017 is stronger than 2011 aluminum and provides good machinability. The aluminum has a T451 temper, meaning it has been heat treated for increased strength. As with many aluminum alloys, Aluminum 2017 plate,rod should not be welded as it reduces the alloy’s corrosion resistance.

Aluminum alloy 2017 may be welded, however welding heat will reduce corrosion resistance. In general welding should be avoided unless heat treatment after welding is possible to restore corrosion resistance. Inert gas welding and resistance welding are the methods that should be used and the alloy is sensitive to cracking so fixturing needs to be such as to reduce any strain during welding.

The alloy may be solution annealed at 940 F for 3 to 4 hours fol
lowed by water quench. Age hardening then occurs at room temperature and this produces the T4 temper. The “O” temper results from a 775 F treatment for 3 hours, controlled cooling at 50 F per hour down to 500 F, then air cool.

Because of its unique properties, Aluminum alloy 2017 plate, rod  is popular for a number of different applications including:

· Aerospace components

· Rivets

· General structural components

· Transportation

· Fasteners

· Screw machine products

· Gauges

· Pulleys

· Needles for knitting

Jianhui Metals Group offers Aluminum alloy 2017 in a variety of shapes and sizes including sheet, plate, wire, tube, rod, and bar. All the Aluminum 2017 stocks and sells meets the most exacting standards including those from AMS, ASTM, QQ, SAE, and UNS. To discover if Aluminum 2017 is right for your next project, please contact us to know more at sales@jianhuimeatls.com

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