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Aluminum Foil Roll Style Paper for BBQ

soft aluminum foil for packing

Oil Spot on Aluminum Foil Roll Style Paper Surface is a single key point for the quanlity of foil,the better control of oil quantity will cause the better quanlity.

Causes of oil spots on Aluminum Foil Surface:

After the Aluminum Foil Roll Style Paper is annealed, the course of action lubricating oil remaining on its surface will decompose, crack, polymerize and oxidize the reaction to generate resinous material and deposit on the aluminum plate. The surface of the foil is formed with oil spots. The key explanation for the above-mentioned defects in the actual production The following aspects:
1, high viscosity hydraulic oil mixed with rolling oil program caused by enhanced viscosity of rolling oil.
two, the higher the sulfur generated the extra the tendency of annealing oil spots; aromatics content material elevated, return clean deterioration.
3, aluminum foil completed product annealing method will not be appropriate.
four, coiling tension is as well huge porosity is too smaller.
5, aluminum foil surface with as well substantially oil.

The answer of oil spots on Aluminum Foil Roll Style Paper Surface:

1, the normal replacement of new rolling oil, to strengthen every day inspection, to stop higher viscosity hydraulic oil mixed with rolling oil.
Higher viscosity hydraulic oil or lubricating oil mixed with rolling oil will pollute the rolling oil, so that the viscosity on the rolling oil caused by aluminum foil annealing immediately after the oil spots. Within the premise of ensuring the hydraulic effect as far as you can the usage of low viscosity hydraulic oil or replaced with no stains hydraulic oil.
2, choose the proper method oil.
The tendency of n-alkanes to produce annealed oil spots is minimum plus the kerosene would be the biggest, but the n-alkane content material is too high to influence the mutual solubility with all the additives.
3, to create a appropriate aluminum foil annealing process.
Rolling oil in the annealing furnace mainly by the oil diffusion and evaporation to clear, when the rolling oil and furnace oxygen will not be fully burned, it is going to type a yellow oil spots. Excessive temperature will make the rolling oil to diffuse and volatilize oxidation to type oil spots, shorten the annealing time will be detrimental towards the evaporation of rolling oil, resulting in oil is not clean.
4, strictly manage the coiling tension and stress roller stress, to sustain the suitable porosity.
Rolling oil in addition to the annealing temperature, the physical and chemical properties of rolling oil, aluminum foil surface quality along with other aspects, but in addition the degree of tightness involving the layers, it is actually appropriate to effectively control the coiling tension.
5, to lessen the surface oil.

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