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aluminum plate 2017

Air material aluminum forecast 2017 replacement with the fierce competition predicament, aluminum alloy supplies continue to develop new alloys and components processing technology, attempt to improve its all round efficiency and its uniformity, the development of large-scale materials and supplies / components integrated processing principles and technology.

This paper describes the requirements on the development of Air material aluminum forecast 2017 on the higher performance and large-size supplies of aluminum alloy, and expounds the scenario of aviation aluminum alloy material from single high static strength to high strength, higher toughness, corrosion resistance, high fatigue resistance and big scale improvement. To adapt for the development of aircraft efficiency of high-performance aluminum alloy composition, the connection in between the organization and overall performance on the corresponding control principles and technology, and high-strength aluminum alloy plate processing several of the revolutionary technology.

The continuous improvement of Air material aluminum forecast 2017  structural style tips on the needs of structural supplies in the initial pursuit of high strength to high strength, higher toughness, and now to the high strength, higher toughness, high corrosion resistance, anti-fatigue along with other higher overall performance. The structural elements on the aircraft are divided into key structural members and secondary structural members. The main structural parts consist of the fuselage, the wing, the tail and the assistance structure, which bear unique loads,

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