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Aluminum Lithographic Coils for positive PS plate hot sale

Our Aluminum Lithographic Coils grades are compatible with advanced plate manufacturing techniques such as computer-to-plate (CTP) and waterless lithography. Our aluminium meets the highest requirements for surface quality, exceptional flatness, and excellent electro-graining response.

Aludium offers two main lithographic alloys, which are available as coils:

1050 for standard printing applications

1020 which offers higher resistance, ideal for long print runs.

(Alloy developed at Aludium R&D center)

1 Aluminum Lithographic Coils  Photosensitive Coating
Consisted by imported photographic emulsion and resin, the coating layer of the plate have outstanding alkaline resistance, superior stability, high sensitive and increased adjusting flexibility as well as better resolving power.

2 Aluminum Lithographic Coils  Vacuum ventilating layer
With tiny ventilating grain layer on the surface, the vacuuming time during exposure can be greatly decreased, as well as preventing the proportion of tiny dots from exposuring to vague.

3.Aluminum Lithographic Coils  Water Receptive Layer
Excellent water reception capability speeds up the ink-water balance procedure and helps to reduce water absorption during printing process. Superior water retaining capability do effectively prevents non-image areas of the plate from scumming and avoids paper from distortion. Consequently, the printing quality improved

4. Multi Grain Layers
Multi grain layers polish up water receptive property of the non-image areas on the plate. It increases the ink /water adjusting flexibility, make sure the developing performance of the tiny dots. It also strengthens the dots’ adsoption power to the coating layer, which can consequently extend the run-length of the plate.

5. Aluminum Lithographic Coils Anodic-Oxidized Layer
A durable and strong oxidized surface formed after the anodic oxidation process on the aluminium material, which can help to prolong the run-length. This layer can also resists the corrosive effect done by the correction fluid.

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