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  • alcoa: worldwide: markets: aluminum: making ...

    Alcoa: Worldwide: Markets: Aluminum: Making ...

    Mining Aluminum is one of the most plentiful metals in the earth's crust. It is naturally found in the form of bauxite, an ore containing aluminum oxide, or alumina.

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  • bauxite - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Bauxite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Bauxite, an aluminium ore, is the world's main source of aluminium. It consists mostly of the minerals gibbsite Al(OH) 3, boehmite γ-AlO(OH) and diaspore α-AlO(OH ...

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  • usgs minerals information: map data

    USGS Minerals Information: Map Data

    The locations of 1,879 coal mines and facilities, 8 uranium mines, and 1,965 mines and processing plants for 74 types of nonfuel minerals and materials are shown with ...

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  • aluminum mining - commoditymine - infomine

    Aluminum Mining - CommodityMine - InfoMine

    Complete aluminum mining information - aluminum mining news, aluminum mining jobs, aluminum mines, companies, stocks, suppliers, equipment and more.

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  • mining and refining aluminum - howstuffworks

    Mining and Refining Aluminum - HowStuffWorks

    Mining and Refining Aluminum - Mining aluminum occurs in open-pit mines after companies locate bauxite, the primary source of aluminum.

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  • aluminium - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Aluminium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Aluminium (in Commonwealth English) or aluminum (in American English) is a chemical element in the boron group with symbol Al and atomic number 13.

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  • aluminium - fact sheets - australian mines atlas

    Aluminium - Fact Sheets - Australian Mines Atlas

    Aluminium Fact Sheet: Minerals Downunder | Rock Files | Fact Sheets. ... Extraction of aluminium metal takes place in three main stages - mining of bauxite ore, ...

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  • alcoa: worldwide -- bauxite interests and...

    Alcoa: Worldwide -- Bauxite interests and...

    Bauxite Interests Aluminum is one of the most plentiful elements in the earth ... Alcoa mining locations have annual in-fill drilling programs designed to ...

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  • aluminum ore-bauxite mines

    Aluminum Ore-Bauxite Mines

    Find and compare mines that produce Aluminum Ore-Bauxite in the United States. Compare mine type, status, operational information, employment, location, and more.

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  • fgs - florida minerals

    FGS - Florida Minerals

    FLORIDA’S MINERALS: Making Modern Life Possible. Mine locations in Florida; Florida Mining History; Pictures of Rocks commonly found in Florida

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