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Aluminum Roll and Coil 3004 3003 3105 H24 H14 O Rich Stock


Aluminum roll and coil 3004 is easily formed by either cold or hot working with conventional tooling. 3004 aluminum sheet can be hot worked at temperatures of 900 to 500 F. It can be cold worked up to 75% reduction of area using conventional techniques and annealed at 344°C (650°F) followed by cooling in air. 3004 aluminum sheet can be used to produce tempers with a higher strength but a lower ductility. The alloy 3004 is commonly used in the making of beverage cans. It was developed to satisfy the need for thinner gauges in can-stock. Can-stock can be made thinner due to the addition of 1% magnesium, which contributes in solid solution strengthening. It is used in sheet metal work. It is also used in manufacturing storage tanks.

If you are wondering why cookware manufacturers use aluminum roll and coil 3004 instead of some other aluminum alloys that have slightly higher thermal conductivity, it is because aluminum roll and coil 3004 is inexpensive, is easily formed (i.e., made into different shapes and sizes of cookware), has durability/strength good enough for kitchen cooking, and is more corrosion-resistant than many other aluminum alloys. That last factor is very important, since commercial and residential cookware is continually being banged into drawers/sinks/stovetops and being left with water, saltwater, and acids in them at all sorts of temperatures.

Jianhui Metals Group supply aluminum roll and coil 3004 with the thickness of 1.0-5.0. It has the temper of H114, H112. The width is approximately 1000-2200. As a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier, Jianhui Metals Group had built the quality supervision department and aluminum lab to control the quality of production which will export to other countries. We are looking forward to having chance to start our long-term cooperation with friends all over the world!

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