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  • aluminium - element information, properties and ...

    Aluminium - Element information, properties and ...

    These aluminium coatings have many uses, including telescope mirrors, decorative paper, packages and toys. Biological role. Aluminium has no known biological role.

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  • uses of aluminum | uses of

    Uses of Aluminum | Uses Of

    The uses of aluminum are varied and diverse. Today it is used in commerce, transportation and other industries. Some of its applications are well known, while

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  • uses of aluminum - want to know it

    Uses of Aluminum - Want to Know it

    Uses of Aluminum. Aluminum metal is very useful for packaging. It is used in cans and aluminum foil. Aluminum borohydride is added to jet fuel.

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  • aluminum >> uses - davyson

    Aluminum >> Uses - Davyson

    Aluminum is used excessively in the modern world, and the uses of the metal are extremely diverse due to its many unusual combinations of properties.

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  • aluminium»uses [webelements periodic table]

    Aluminium»uses [WebElements Periodic Table]

    Aluminium: uses The following uses for aluminium are gathered from a number of sources as well as from anecdotal comments. I'd be delighted to receive corrections as ...

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  • uses of aluminum - buzzle

    Uses of Aluminum - Buzzle

    Aug 18, 2013 · Uses of Aluminum. Aluminum has widespread applications in various domains, like construction, packaging, transportation, etc., due to its unique properties.

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  • aluminum metal property & uses: production,...

    Aluminum metal property & uses: production,...

    About aluminium Aluminium is lightweight, strong, recyclable, corrosion-resistant, and an essential part of daily life. Aluminium all around us

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  • usgs minerals information: aluminum

    USGS Minerals Information: Aluminum

    Aluminum is the second most abundant metallic element in the Earth's crust after silicon, yet it is a comparatively new industrial metal that has been produced in ...

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  • aluminum: charcteristics, uses and problems

    Aluminum: Charcteristics, Uses And Problems

    Jan 06, 2014 · Aluminum: Charcteristics, Uses And Problems Procedure code: 0501008S Source: Developed For Hspg (Nps - Sero) Division: Metals Section: Metal Materials

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  • aluminum - expert written, user friendly element...

    Aluminum - expert written, user friendly element...

    Uses of Aluminum. As a result of its low density, low cost, and corrosion resistance, aluminum is widely used around the world. It is used in an extensive range of ...

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