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Anodized Brushed Aluminum 6061 Advantages

Anodized Brushed Aluminum Advantages 1, good processing: anodized brushed aluminum decorative strong, moderate hardness, can be easily bent forming, continuous high-speed stamping, easy processing directly into the product, no need for complex surface treatment, greatly shorten the production cycle and Reduce production costs;

2, good weather resistance: the standard thickness of the oxide film (3um) anodized brushed aluminum indoor with long-term discoloration, no corrosion, no oxidation, no rust, thick oxide film (10um) anodized aluminum plate can be used for outdoor Long exposure to the sun does not change color; 3, the metal is strong: the anode treatment of aluminum surface hardness, scratch resistance, the surface without paint cover, to retain the aluminum metal color, highlight the modern metal, improve product quality and added value;

4, high fire resistance: pure metal products, no paint on the surface and any chemical substances, 580 degrees high temperature does not burn, do not produce toxic gases, meet the environmental requirements of fire;

5, strong anti-fouling: no fingerprints, there will be no stains, easy to clean, do not produce corrosion spots;

Above is on the advantages of anodized brushed aluminum 6061  to introduce this, anodized in the brushed aluminum plate can not only solve the aluminum surface hardness, wear resistance and other defects, but also to extend the life of aluminum and enhance the aesthetic degree, has become An indispensable part of aluminum surface treatment.

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