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application of aluminum 7075 plate

Jianhui Aluminum aluminum plate 7075

Major makes use of: widely made use of in needs possess a specific strength and a number of industrial structure of higher corrosion resistance, like the manufacture of your truck, tower constructing,ships, buses, railway vehicles.

application of aluminum plate strip 6061 standard applications regarding applications such as aerospace fixtures, electrical fixtures, the field of communications, but more frequently used in automation machinery components,precision machining, mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instruments, SMT, Pc board solder autos.

Al Zn Mg alloy plate and strip: 7075 thick plate thickness: 10-450mm width: 600-2000mm

application of aluminum 7075 plate  the kind of cold forging alloy, higher strength, much better than the mild steel. 7075 is essentially the most potent industrial alloys. Common corrosion resistance, great mechanical properties and also the anodic reaction. Little grain that much better depth of drilling tool functionality,put on resistance, thread rolling and unique. The tensile strength of 524Mpa, yield strength of0.2% 455Mpa: 11% E/Gpa:71 elongation, elastic modulus, hardness of 150HB, density: 2810.

The main intent behind  application of aluminum 7075 plate: aerospace sector, blow molding die (bottle),ultrasonic plastic welding molds, Gao Er Fu Qiu, head of shoe model, paper mould, foamingmolding, lost wax mold, template, fixture, mold processing, machinery and equipment.
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