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buy acp sheet / aluminum composite panel for bar

Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

acp sheet / aluminum composite panel Also named ACP, it is the term for a three-layer composite panel using a plastic sandwichlayer and two aluminum layers on bothsides. The panel is roofed with decorative and protective coating or movie as decorative face on the product.
Regular Size:
3*1220*2440mm, 4*1220*2440mm
Specific Dimension:
Panel Thickness:2mm、5mm、6mm
FR Classification:
B2、B1 、A2*、A2
Face Coating:
Polyester、PVDF、FEVE、Nano Coat
acp sheet / aluminum composite panel Product Features:
1)Excellent Torsion Power
2)Excellent Influence Resistance
3)Excellent Climate Resistance
4)Easy Processing and Installation
5)Even Coating and Several Colors
6)Outstanding Fire Resistance
7)Easy to Retain
acp sheet / aluminum composite panel Application:
1)Wall Curtain
2)Repaired Developing
3)Dado,Separation Wall
4)Advertising Board, Signage,Shopfront

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