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Car “heart” —— engine lightweight with 5454 aluminum alloy

The engine can choose 5454 aluminum alloy, 5454 aluminum plate high strength, high corrosion resistance, good plasticity, with good molding processability, 5454 rust aluminum strength than 5052 aluminum plate about 20%, 5454 aluminum is also widely used in pressure Containers, marine facilities pipes, car wheels, tankers and other places.

Hyundai is moving towards lightweight, high-speed, safe and comfortable, low-cost, low-emission and energy-saving development. Aluminum has the advantages of low density, light weight, good formability, and can be used for recycling, energy saving and environmental protection. It can prolong the life of the car, which is lightweight for the car. Improve vehicle performance and safety and comfort performance, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and reduce the environmental pollution has a significant role. In addition, the aluminum alloy parts can balance the quality of the front and rear axles. Gradually by the people’s faithful. Therefore, the aluminum alloy is considered an important material for the weight of the car.

The engine is considered the car’s “heart”, the engine quality generally accounted for 20-30% of the vehicle. The body is the largest single piece of the engine parts, the quality of the overall quality of the engine 25-35%. Therefore, it is important to reduce the weight of the automobile engine body for the automobile. In order to reduce the quality of the body, widely used aluminum alloy material.

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