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Columbia Customer Visited Our Company

aluminum foil

Jianhui Aluminum is China’s leading supplier dedicated to providing its customers with the quickest quotes, best quality products, most competitive prices and fastest possible deliveries of Aluminum Coil,Aluminum Plate  and Aluminum Foil products to industry standard specifications and customer requirements

Since we develop the market in Colombia, our aluminum products by Colombia customer trust and love. Recently, customers as far away as Colombia, general manager of our Fengying Liu received the customer, lead customers to visit our sample room and a friendly conversation. Then, our clerk Irene took him to visit our factory.

Customers for our advanced production process and high quality aluminum foil and profiles are very satisfied.

Jianhui company quality testing technical personnel with professional technology, has many years of work experience, and we have professional metal detection machine and laboratory equipment, can provide customers with the most accurate physical properties and chemical composition analysis of the quality of the test report.