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Customized Aluminium material with H STRAIN HARDENED TEMPERS


The First Digit

There are three different methods used to achieve the final temper of strain hardened material.

H1 Strain Hardened Only: Applies to products which are strain hardened to obtain the desired strength level without any subsequent thermal treatment.

–H2 Strain Hardened And Partially Annealed: Applies to products that are strain hardened to a higher strength level than desired, followed by a partial anneal (or “back anneal”) which reduces the strength to the desired level.

–H3 Strain Hardened And Stabilized: This designation only applies to magnesium-containing alloys which gradually age- soften at room temperature after strain hardening. A low temperature anneal is applied which stabilizes the properties.

Customized Aluminium material Automotive

With the increasing use of Aluminium in automobiles, anodising is the natural process for long lasting protection for components such as wheels,  roof racks, engine parts and interior trim.

Anodising’s ability to produce various textures and colours gives car designers ample opportunity to continue corporate and model themes and to develop new identities.

Customized Aluminium material Design & Interior

As aluminium is such a versatile metal, and anodising is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, designers for all consumer products can use anodised aluminium’s benefits.

Applications include lighting, kitchen utensils and trim, consumer electronics, and door furniture.
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