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Direct Supply 1060 Aluminum Sheet Aluminum Plate

Aluminum sheet 1060

1060 aluminum sheet Availability

This is a relatively low strength, essentially pure aluminum, alloy. It is noted for excellent welding characteristics and formability along with good corrosion resistance. It cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

1060 aluminum sheet Heat treatment

Rapid annealing, heating temperature of 350~410 ℃;On different of materials effective thickness, heat preservation time between 30~120 min; used Air or water.

High temperature annealing, heating temperature of 350 ~ 500 ℃;Thickness 6 mm or higher, the heat preservation time is between 10~30 min, thickness less than 6mm, heat through; used Air.

Annealing: heating temperature 150 ~ 250 ℃; heat preservation time is 2 ~ 3h; used Air or water.

Sample size: all wall thickness conditions to yield strength sigma 0.2 (Mpa) 35 or more

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