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EN-AW 5083 Aluminum Sheet Products Seller,EN-AW 5000 Aluminum Sheet


EN-AW 5083 aluminium sheet have high strength and exceptional thermal conductivity. In the tempered condition, it retains good formability due to excellent ductility. It is highly suitable for welding and can be hardened by cold work. EN-AW 5083 aluminum sheet have been widely used in marine applications because it exhibit excellent resistance to general corrosion. It is also suited to the cryogenic market since 5083 aluminum sheet is capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures without brittleness or loss of properties,

EN-AW 5000 Aluminum Sheet Applications

♦ With the same area of other series, the weight of this aluminum sheet is lighter. As a result, it is used in aviation, such as in the fuel tanks in airplanes.

♦ It is widely used in conventional industries.

♦ This aluminum sheet can be used in continuously casting and rolling. It can be hot rolled. As a result, it can be used in oxidation and deep processing.

EN- AW 5083 Aluminum Sheet

With excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, together with high strength, this alloy was designed for welded structures requiring maximum joint strength and efficiency. Can be anodized for increased corrosion resistance, but does not lend itself to decorative applications. Not meant to be a machining alloy, but can be machined fairly well with proper preparations. Because of its relatively high magnesium content, the workability rating would only be fair. Non-heat treatable. Typical applications include large marine craft, containers, railroad cars, structurals and elevator cars.

EN-AW 5754 Aluminum Sheet

Excellent corrosion resistance and, unlike the other magnesium alloys, it maintains that rating when functioning in the150-300 degrees F range where the others would be prone to stress corrosion. Not a decorative alloy but well adapted to the applied finishing processes. High strength, excellent weldability, fair formability, and poor machinability. Non-heat treatable. Typical applications include dump bodies, exhaust stacks, marine components, and chemical handling vessels.

If you are interested in EN-AW 5083 aluminum sheet for your products with Aluminum or other metals feel free to contact us with your requirements. We have some standard configurations available in stock. If you want to know more details about it,feel free to tell us please!

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