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Excellent Thermal Conductivity Performance in Aluminum Alloy Plate 5005

Embossed aluminum 5005
Embossed aluminum 5005

Aluminium alloy 5005 contains nominally 0.8% magnesium. It has medium strength, good weldability, and good corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres. Besides ,it also has the low density and excellent thermal conductivity common to all aluminium alloys. Aluminium alloy 5005 is a lean aluminium magnesium alloy which can be hardened by cold rolling: it is not heat treatable to higher strength. Aluminium alloy 5005 is the most often used grade of aluminium in sheet and plate form.

Aluminum 5005 is a lean aluminum magnesium alloy with low density and excellent thermal conductivity. This medium strength non-heat-treatable alloy is known for its corrosion resistance in alkaline marine situations.

Aluminum 5005 is readily machinable, and can be welded using TIG and MIG methods. It is important to note that anodizing is a critical part to how Aluminum 5005 is used.

To be considered Aluminum alloy plate 5005, an alloy must have a unique chemical composition that includes:

· Al Balance

· Mg 0.50-1.10%

· Si 0.30%

· Fe 0.70%

· Cr 0.10%

· Zn 0.25%

· Cu 0.20%

· Mn 0.20%

Jianhui Metals Group supply aluminum alloy plate 5005 with the thickness of 0.200-6.0. It has the temper of O, H14, H24, H16, H26, H18, H36, H38. The width is approximately 900-190025-1900. 5005 aluminum sheets are commonly used in the manufacture of appliances, gas lines, refrigerator panels, architectural components, and utensils. Jianhui Metals Group is one of professional aluminum sheet suppliers that our company had built the quality supervision department and aluminum lab to control the quality of production which will export to other countries. We are looking forward to having chance to start our long-term cooperation with friends all over the world! Your 100% satisfaction will always be our target!

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