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Heat treatment 2017 aluminum alloy seller

aluminum sheet 5182

Heat treatment 2017 aluminum alloy bar extrusion process
Using ingot specifications: φ130 × 205mm, 800 tons of single-action reverse extruder extruded into φ17.5mm and φ16.8mm two
Specifications of the bar. The extrusion process parameter control is shown in Table 2:
Extrusion process parameters Table 2
Extrusion cylinder temperature ℃

Mold temperature ℃

Ingot temperature ℃

Extrusion ratio

Extrusion speed

M / min

Outlet temperature ℃

cooling method

380 ~ 430

420 ± 10

440 ± 10

20 ~ 30



Water cooled

2.3 Heat treatment 2017 aluminum alloy
The effects of the hardness and the curvature of the product were investigated by means of on-line quenching + natural aging, natural aging + artificial aging, natural aging + drawing + artificial aging.
2.4 Heat treatment 2017 aluminum alloy  drawing processing rate
The rods with φ17.5mm and φ16.8mm specifications were drawn with different processing rate of φ16.1mm bar products, and the influence of different processing rate on the hardness and curvature of the products was verified.

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