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High Light Mirror Aluminum Alloy Plate/Sheets

mirror aluminum plate

The mirror aluminum sheets are aluminum sheets taking on a mirror effect by rolling, grinding and a variety of methods. Usually abroad the mirror aluminum plates are rolled to produce roll materials or sheets; is the exclusive supplier of the mirror aluminum sheets produced by using the rolling technology.

The mirror aluminum sheet is just a general term, and in accordance with the surface polish level, it can be classified into three types, i.e. 800 standard polish, 850 high polish and 890 super-high polish; while according to the post surface processing methods, it can be divided into aluminum sheet 800 series with oxidized polish and aluminum sheet R series with unoxidized polish.


Building, curtain wall, ceiling, panels, transformers, food packaging, air conditioning, condenser, air filter, refrigerators, washing machines, solar energy, automobile manufacturing, ship manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electric equipment such as cosmetic packaging, machinery manufacturing industry, can also be used in power plants, chemical anti-corrosion insulation in petrochemical industry, etc.

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