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High Quality aluminium plate for aircraft and aerospace structures

Large size of aluminium plate for aircraft material is also an important aspect of improving competitiveness, especially high-performance aluminum alloy plate, because the thick plate can be processed into a whole component instead of riveting, welding and other parts, reduce the number of parts, improve the stiffness of the component And reliability, reduce quality and reduce costs. High-strength aluminum alloy sheet thickness is greater than 200mm, or even 300mm. Production requirements Plate has good hardenability and low residual stress.

The increase aluminium plate for aircraft of the thickness of the plate increases the difficulty of the uniformity regulation of the thickening performance and the difficulty of the residual stress reduction. aluminium plate for aircraft is necessary to solve many key technical problems such as high-quality ingot without crack casting, the transitional elements of the transitional elements are homogenized, Strong strain non – dynamic recrystallization uniform deformation rolling, no recrystallization high temperature solid solution and high quenching and high efficiency quenching, residual stress effective reduction pre – stretching (compression), grain boundary discontinuous precipitation integral aging and so on.

aluminium plate for aircraft is mainly 7XXX aviation aluminum alloy and its material processing – en.mosthardwares.com International  Deutschland  toys Home- For the 7XXX alloy, increasing the alloying main element content can obtain higher density of GP region and η ‘phase, improve the strength of the alloy.

The content of Zn aluminium plate for aircraft in the alloy increased from about 5.5% (7075) to about 8% (7055), and the sum of the principal components increased from 9% to about 13%, and the corresponding yield strength increased from 500MPa to about 600MPa. The proportion of the main elements in the high strength aluminum alloy also affects the good overall properties of the T77 alloy and the high Zn / alloy properties, such as the 7055-Mg ratio and the Cu / Mg ratio

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