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High Resistance 5052 Aluminum Plate Sales Online


5052 铝板The 5052 aluminum plate is an alloy that has been formed with a combination of metals, which include 0.25 percent chromium and 2.5 percent magnesium. It has great workability and is readily machinable and weldable. Its high fatigue strength and medium static strength, plus excellent corrosion resistance, make it popular for use in marine atmospheres. Like with other aluminum alloys, this grade of aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity. In order to harden this alloy, cold working should be used, since heat working can’t achieve this. It has excellent endurance limits and fatigue properties.

The 5052 aluminum alloy has high resistance when placed in conditions that are slightly alkaline. It has better marine resistance than 5005 alloys, which is why it’s frequently used for marine applications. The corrosion resistance of 5052 alloys comes from the protective surface oxide film it has. This has a rapid reaction that occurs when damage is sustained. This reaction is between oxygen and aluminum. However, when repair isn’t possible, the base metal can sustain rapid corrosion. It’s not recommended that this alloy be used with reducing media. To help make the protective film thicker, the alloy can be anodized.

There are different fabrication options available for this product, which include machining, welding, heat treating and cold working. Cold working is the only way to harden this metal, so heat treatment will not achieve this. When machining this alloy, it can be done using conventional methods at high speeds. Ample lubrication should be used to prevent thermal distortion. Sharp tools are also needed for this process. The cuts should be made continuous and deep, while at high cutting speeds.

5052 aluminum plate exhibits higher corrosion resistance than other aluminum alloys and higher strength than 3003 aluminum plate. In addition, it exhibits good salt water resistance, making it a popular material for marine applications. 5052 aluminum is easy to form, stamp, weld and finish. It has fair machinability with the proper setup.


5052 aluminum plate is used for products that require high strength in corrosive environments, including fuel tanks, truck and trailer side panels, aircraft fuel tanks, storm shutters, refrigerator liners, electronic mounting plates and panels, fan blades, small boat hulls, truck cabs, bumpers, storage tanks and pressure vessels, cooking utensils, food processing equipment, storage tanks, mail boxes, aircraft components, electronic chassis, boat hulls, deck houses, hatch covers, ladders, railings, frames, drip pans, tool boxes, truck bumpers, inner and outer body panels and components in truck and auto industries, kitchen equipment, decorative trim, architectural uses, signage applications, and any number of parts and application requiring strength and good formability at reasonable cost.

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