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Jianhui Aluminum 6000 Series Aluminum Alloy Plate 6061 6063

aluminum alloy plate 6061

Jianhui Aluminum has worked to develop the aluminum alloy 6000 series to meet the need for ultra high-strength alloys in the automotive market. Automotive suppliers currently specify high-strength alloys for structural applications that have elevated strength requirements, like bumper systems, crash boxes and side sills. Alloys system Al-Mg-Si are 6061, 6063, 6111, 6066, 6016 and AB, AD31, AD33. Execss silicon group compared to the amount there of which is necessary for the formation of magnesium silicon the strength of the aged alloy. Aluminum alloy plate 6061 series are heat treatable.

All types of vehicles , from bikes to spaceships, are made from durable aluminum . Especially aluminum 6061 and aluminum 4000, 8000 series are popular in automotive parts .

Aluminum alloy have five advantages in five advantages :

1Reducing mass is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions

2 Reducing mass has additional benefits

3 Aluminum is the ideal light-weighting material

4 Aluminum and safety performance

5 Aluminum is sustainable

Every kilogram of aluminum used in a car reduces the overall weight of the vehicle by one kilogram. For this reason more and more car parts are being made from aluminum: engine radiators, wheels, bumpers, suspension parts, engine cylinder blocks, transmission bodies and body parts: the hoods, the doors and even the frame.

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