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aluminum sheet 5005

O NOT attempt to anodize aluminum alloys like 3003 or 3105 if you want the finish to be attractive and consistent. marine aluminum plate 5005 alloys will show imperfections such as structural streaks, cloudiness, blemishes, and EXTREME color variation.

Anodising All aluminium alloys can be anodised to improve corrosion resistance, but decorative anodising is only carried out on a few alloys. The most commonly decoratively anodised non-heat-treatable alloy is marine aluminum plate 5005. It is produced as a special “anodising quality” (AQ) but Atlas does not stock this product.

Many people substitute 5052 for 5005. While 5052 can produce acceptable results, it has more imperfections and is more prone to color variation than 5005 alloy aluminum.

In stock marine aluminum plate 5005 Color Anodized Aluminum sheets are available in Black, Gold & Sliver. Black sheets are color anodized with a matte finish on one side. Gold and Silver sheets are color anodized on both sides with one side having a brushed finish. A protective film is applied to all colors.

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