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PE Aluminum Composite panel alucobond acp

Also referred to as PE Aluminum Composite panel, it comes from a three-layer
composite panel having a plastic sandwichlayer
and two aluminum layers on bothsides.
The panel is included with decorative and
protective coating or film as decorative
encounter of the item.
PE Aluminum Composite panel Common Size:
3*1220*2440mm, 4*1220*2440mm
Unique Dimension:
Panel Thickness:2mm、5mm、6mm
FR Classification:
B2、B1 、A2*、A2
Face Coating:
Polyester、PVDF、FEVE、Nano Coat
PE Aluminum Composite panel Solution Features:
1)Excellent Torsion Strength
2)Excellent Influence Resistance
3)Excellent Weather Resistance
4)Easy Processing and Installation
5)Even Coating and A variety of Colours
6)Outstanding Fire Resistance
7)Easy to Retain
PE Aluminum Composite panel Application:
1)Wall Curtain
2)Repaired Creating
3)Dado,Separation Wall
4)Advertising Board, Signage,Shopfront

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