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PE/PVDF coated aluminum coil (1060/3003/3004/3105)

1100  PE/PVDF coated aluminum coil is a typical industrial pure aluminium (99.00% of aluminium), and cannot be heat treated. It has some features such as high anti-corrosion, great electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, low density, plasticity is pretty good that can produce some aluminium profiles by pressure processing, but the strength of 1100 aluminium alloy is low. The other properties of 1100 aluminium alloy are basically the same with the 1050A aluminium all

PE/PVDF coated aluminum coil

1 Enviromental
2. light weight
3 waterproof
4. anti-rust
5. weather resistance
6.easy cleaning
7.easy matching with other decoration material

PE/PVDF coated aluminum coil  is the most commercially pure alloy of all the aluminium grades. 1100 aluminium coil and 1100 aluminium coil are both available for various applications including chemical storage and processing equipemtn. Benefits of 1100 aluminium coil & coil include a 99% or greater content of aluminium compared to other grades of aluminium. 1100 is a low strength aluminium alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. This grade is best used for welding, brazing and soldering but has poor machinability. 1100 aluminium has great finishing capabilities so it is a great choice for decorative purposes.

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