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purity 99.5% aluminum 1050 aluminum plate with best correction resistance

Pure aluminum sheet 1050

Purity 99.5% aluminum 1050 aluminum plate belongs to commercially pure wrought family with a purity of 99.5% Aluminum. Except Al, 0.4% of Fe is added to 1050 aluminum plate, thus, it has high electrical conductivity. 1000 series aluminum group offers the best correction resistance compared to any alloy group, so does the 1050 aluminum plate. Jianhui  aluminum can reach this standard. For its simple processing technology, 1050 aluminum plate is much cheaper comparing to other aluminum alloys plate and it is very commonly used in industry.
For its content above in the chart, Purity 99.5% aluminum 1050 aluminum plate has high ductility and high reflective finish. Besides, 1050 aluminum plate is non-heat treatment series is produced in extruded sections. It has excellent cold workability, braze-ability and solder-ability, and it is strengthened by cold working. However, 1050 aluminum plate has low mechanical strength compared to more significantly alloyed metals. All of these characteristics make 1050 aluminum plate suited to chemical and electrolytic brightening but not in casting. Last but not least, moderate strength and good anodizing quality enables our products has a vast application.

Applications – Alloy Purity 99.5% aluminum 1050 aluminum plate is typically used for:

Chemical process plant equipment

Food industry containers

Pyrotechnic powder

Architectural flashings
Lamp reflectors
Cable sheathing

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