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soft aluminium foil for packaging 0.2mm thickness

soft aluminium foil for packaging  Grade:1235 8011
Temper: O
Width:as much as 2200mm
Certificate::ISO9001 SGS

why use soft aluminium foil for packaging  because the cigarettes packaging?
It was the have to have to guard cigarettes and challenging candies from moisture that led to the development of aluminum wrap for the kitchen.

In 1903, as soon as the young Richard S. Reynolds went to perform for his uncle the tobacco king R. R. Reynolds, cigarettes and loose tobacco were wrapped against moisture in thin sheets of tin-led. Following mastering this foil technology, in 1919 R.S. established his personal small business, the U.S. Foil Co., in Louisville, Kentucky, supplying tin-lead wraps to the tobacco sector, along with to confectioners, who discovered that foil gave a tighter seal to really hard candies than did wax paper. When the price tag of aluminum (nonetheless a somewhat new and unproven metal) began to drop within the late ’20’s, R.S. Reynolds moved quickly to adapt becoming a cigarette and candy wrap.

And now several people today use soft aluminium foil for packaging  in regards to smoking weed and so forth.

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