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Space aluminum in the laundry cabinet kitchen and toilet applications

High-quality aluminum aluminum generally used 6063 aluminum, aluminum purity of up to 90% or more, tight structure, heavy weight, surface smooth, in strict accordance with the national oxidation process standards, the oxide layer to 8 microns or more. Rather than high-quality aluminum generally use low-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, recycled aluminum as raw material, aluminum content is very low, loose structure, light weight.

Washing cabinets, the early use of the MDF material, easy to break, so slowly the material becomes a waterproof pvc, from the beginning of 2010 after the emergence of more stainless steel wash cabinets, but the stainless steel wash cabinet to go through Layers of processing, high cost, not alkaline corrosion of the medium. Space aluminum wash cabinet to abandon the shortcomings of stainless steel washing cabinets, both sunscreen, waterproof, anti-corrosion acid and alkali; can also be flame retardant, moth, long-term exposure will not brittle, but also O formaldehyde, harmless to the human body.
Space aluminum materials in the home furnishings series of products, in addition to the washing cabinet, especially the space aluminum pendant to become the trend of modern home kitchen and bathroom pendant, because of its environmental than the general copper bath products even better, no oxidation than stainless steel, Keep the appearance of bright and also durable, as consumers love the product.

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