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Stock in aluminum strip 1050 1060 1070 1100 on sale

High precision aluminium strip: 1050/1060/1070/1100 thickness: 0.1—500mm width: 10—2200mm

Use and characteristics of pure aluminum: has the general characteristics of industrial pure aluminum, aluminum density, conductivity, good thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, good plasticity, can be processed into a plate, belt, foil and extrusion products,gas welding, argon arc welding, for spot welding. Industrial pure aluminum can bestrengthened by heat treatment, the strength can be increased by cold deformation and heat treatment is the only form of annealing, the recrystallization starting temperature and impurity content and degree of deformation, generally at about 200 DEG c.. Annealing sheet. B=80 ~ 100MPa, 0.2=30 ~ 50MPa, =35% ~ 40%, HB=25 ~ 30. After 60% ~ 80% cold deformation,although can be increased to 150 ~ 180MPa, but the value was decreased from 1% to 1.5%.Increase of iron, silicon impurities can improve the strength, but decrease the ductility,electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. 1200 (L5) of industrial pure aluminumannealing softening and hardening characteristics as shown in fig.. It is seen that the colddeformation annealing temperature or annealing of the control to adjust the amount of cold deformation can be obtained after the mechanical properties of cold work hardening state. In order to improve the formability, take the former method as well.

Application of industrial pure aluminum is widely used for aluminum, such as bus bar, wire and cable, electronic components; can be used for heat exchanger and the cooler, chemical equipment; packaging supplies of tobacco, tea, sugar, food and drugs, the barrel of beer such as deep drawing products; for roof panel, ceiling, wall, sound absorption and the thermal insulation material in building, household appliances, cookware, etc..

Aluminum strip magnesium alloy plate and strip: 5005/5052/5083/5754 thickness: 0.1-10mm width: 10-2000mm

Use and characteristics of aluminum magnesium alloy, hard aluminium magnesium alloy aluminum lightweight, low density, good heat dissipation, strong resistance, can fully meet the 3C products are highly integrated, lightweight, miniaturization, anti-collision and electromagnetic shielding and thermal requirements. Its hardness is several times more than traditional plastic chassis, but the weight is only 1/3 of the latter.

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