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Tablets Packaging Pharmaceutical Use PTP Blister Foil

In order to be able to cast high-quality PTP Blister Foil large crack-free billet, a series of casting technologies such as melt electromagnetic stirring (EMS), electromagnetic wave, ultrasonic casting, low liquid level casting (LHC), double water Casting, water curtain differential fine-tuning cooling casting, high-rigidity platform casting and high-precision hydraulic casting.

PTP Blister Foil is through the aluminum pool in the electromagnetic force to stir the flow of molten aluminum bath, so that the melt composition of uniform, to avoid artificial mixing of iron tools pollution.

The PTP Blister Foil  technology not only can effectively control the Fe impurity content, but also can reduce the aluminum oxide surface oxide film damage, reduce the burning of alloying elements and hydrogen into. EMS can be used to reduce the melting time of about 20%, energy consumption by 10% to 15%, slag reduction of 20% to 50%

High-quality PTP Blister Foil  billet requirements must not be obvious loose, stomata, and hydrogen and oxide inclusions content is low, fine grain. In addition to the hydrogen content to be strictly controlled, some alkali metal Li, Na, K, alkaline earth Ca should also be strictly controlled. No crack large billet casting is the first to be addressed in large-scale material production

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