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The Advantages of Aluminum Plate/Sheet/Foil/Tube In the Olympic Sports

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In the Olympic sports, in order to make sports equipment to achieve the best performance, people have been constantly looking for and developing new materials, or improve the performance of original material. Aluminum stand out in the competition with other materials, coupled with advanced production technology, aluminum has shown its outstanding performance over and over again in many fields. Jianhui Aluminum help you conclude the following characteristic, which you will understand aluminum in sports is a suitable chose.

1 art effects

Athletes are hope movement equipment not only performance superior and appearance beautiful, aluminum business racing is a is good of example, this bike in frame, and handlebar, and front axle, and rear axle, and in the axis, and before and after rims, and before and after gate, and feet tricks, and saddle seat, parts are widely with to has aluminum, bike of total heavy also not to 5 kg, not only overall structure beautiful, while also has weight light, and strength high of advantages.

2 light weight

Aluminum weight is light, its only steel of one-third, this a superior characteristics that makes aluminum is for making on weight control is strictly of movement equipment.

3 friction performance

In the track and field competition, running shoes are essential for athletes of the equipment, in order to increase the adhesion of soles and the ground.

4 durability

Durable for sports equipment is very important and necessary, in order to improve the life of sports equipment, athletes in daily training using the equipment as far as possible the use of aluminium parts. In order to increase the service life and improve their performance in the discus throw, discus are coated with aluminum on the surface; in the hurdles, hurdles are usually used, anodized or powder coated aluminium tubes.

5 Corrosion resistance

Aluminum surface can naturally form an oxide film, and excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum this inherent characteristics but also by Anodic oxidation, surface coating and other surface treatment method has been further strengthened. It is because of this feature, aluminum has been widely used in marine sports equipment, such as light weight, made of corrosion-resistant aluminium yacht masts, yacht railing not only can reduce the weight of the hull, and can withstand long-term erosion of seawater, ocean breeze.

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