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The aluminum foil packaging for medicine/candy

aluminum foil 8011

It should be labeled on the acceptance of the roll of aluminum foil, including the technical supervision department inspection, alloy grades, size, status, batch number, weight and other volumes.

1. Each batch of aluminum foil should have a certificate of compliance with technical quality standards or protocol requirements, including inspection reports lot, alloy grades, specifications, status, weight, contract requirements, technical standards or protocol number, production date.

2. Carton or per volume (Tic-Tac-frame) aluminum foil should be packing list, including batch number, alloy grades, specifications, status, weight, volume number, contract number, technical standards, production date.

3. Each box (volume) outside the shipping container should be prominently cards, labels, or spray word, card boxes available thin wood, cardboard, stickers and other materials, to nail me cards or solid paste the contents of the box cards including transport number, departure and arrival, consignees, performance standards, batch number, size, status, alloy grades, box One, NW, hair station, the packaging date.

4. The outside of each box (volume), and in a prominent position there should be a clear “proof”, “handle with care” and “up” and the logo, logo design should comply with the national standard GB / T 191’s.

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