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the professional aluminum alloy knowledge and properties

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1, the nature of aluminum alloy : low melting point, the melting point of 660 ℃, high boiling point, low density, low resistivity, good electrical conductivity and reflected light, non-magnetic. With a gender, with a variety of metal alloy, and oxygen reaction. The electrochemical equivalent of C = 0.3356g.A-1.h-1

2, the main component of the electrolyte is cryolite, electrolytic aluminum is the main raw material of alumina. Alchemy History: Chemical Aluminization (1886 years ago), electrolytic aluminum smelting (after 1886).

3, the electrolytic cell is the core equipment of electrolytic aluminum; according to the anode points can be divided into pre-bake anode and self-baking anode, self-baking anode according to the conductive method is divided into side sticks and rod-type, prebaked anode by continuous use Whether it is divided into continuous and discontinuous; electrolytic cell series with horizontal and vertical two.

4, cryolite is sodium fluoroaluminate, the formula: Na3AlF6, or 3NaF.AlF3, it has artificial cryolite and natural cryolite two. Artificial cryolite production methods are mainly acid, alkali, dry and phosphate fertilizer by-product method.

5, electrolytic aluminum alloy electrolyte to cryolite as the main reason (HH method advantages): 1) cryolite does not exist in the precipitation potential than the aluminum element, which can avoid other metal ions in the anode discharge and reduce the quality of Al, 2) The melting temperature of the molten cryolite is easy to dissolve Al2O3 3) Al2O3 is 2030 ° C, and the initial crystal temperature of the Al2O3 and Na3AlF6 is reduced to 930-980 ° C after the melt is formed, and the molten cryolite-alumina melt has Small density, 5) has good conductivity and suitable viscosity, 6) does not occur with the tank liner electrochemical reaction, 7) at the electrolysis temperature does not absorb water, volatile is not large, 8) at the electrolysis temperature, With a small degree of volatility.

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