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The Uses of Aluminum Alloy 2A12

aluminum plate 2024
aluminum plate 2024

Aluminum alloy 2A12 is a high strength aluminum hard, can not be heat strengthened. aluminum alloy 2A12 spot welding is good, with welding and TIG has formed intergranular cracking tendency;, aluminum alloy 2A12 in the work hardening after cutting is still good. Corrosion resistance is not high, often with anodized surface with paint method or clad layer added to improve corrosion resistance. Use mainly for the production of high load of parts and components (but not including stampings forgings) such as aircraft parts on the skeleton, skin, bulkheads, wing ribs, spars, rivets and otherworking parts below 150 ℃.

The chemical composition and purpose of aluminum alloy 2A12: 2A12 is typical of hard aluminum alloy of aluminum-copper-magnesium. Its composition is reasonable, and it is better in comprehensive performance. Many countries are the alloy producers. The aluminum alloy 2A12 is the biggest amount using forDural. 150 ° c. Temperature higher than 125 ° c, the strength of 2024 alloy is higher than that of 7075 alloy.

The characteristics of the alloy are: high strength, heat resistance, can be used as working parts below. It is better in formability in the condition of Thermal state, annealing and quenching conditions. The effect is remarkable in reinforcement of heattreatment, but it’s strict with heat treatment process.

Aluminum alloy 2A12 poor in resistance to corrosion, but with pure aluminum coating can be effectively protected. When welding, it is prone to crack. But it can welding, can also be riveted by special process. Widely used in aircraft structure, rivets, truck wheel, screw elements, and other various structures.

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